Piano lessons near me, bring out the best out of me

As you know since few days back I have started playing piano and have recorded few videos. Now its time to take it further, yes its same me but more song this time. Thanks to this best every piano lessons for beginners . It gave me so much confidence that I attempted more tunes this time.

Today’s First video is of the song ‘where do I begin’ of Andy Williams.

It didn’t took much of an effort for playing this song, as the easy audio video guide in the course material made my job absolutely easy. It rather substitutes an expensive option of a piano tutor without compromising the quality teaching of a private piano lessons.


Why I chose this over other piano lessons?

Simple & easy to learn : Kids taking interest in learning Piano, click here to read testimonials

Fast results : I recorded my First piano video in +6 days of buying this course

Price factor : On time charge of $1 (for trial) with 60 days money-back guarantee

Comprehensive course material : 10 books, 200 videos, 500 audios of every genre.

Verifiable testimonials: Verify testimonials on site, I being a live example.

So why wait ? just check out by clicking here

My Piano course ‘click here’ comes for a one time charge of $1 with 10 simple chapters who can make you play piano, the way I do it in the video, that too in just few days from beginning.

It is very economical option as some Piano classes near me charges between $15 and $40 for a 30-minute lesson. That’s not all, this piano course comes with 100% money back guarantee for 60 days, for your peace of mind.

Second video of me playing Piano of Hedwig’s Theme from the Harry Potter series.

I heard this tune from the movie and thought of giving it a try and…. wow, I just did it. May not be to the perfection but still a decent try I suppose. I practice for at-least half an hour everyday and effortlessly achieving my goal towards becoming a Pro.

Not only it teaches you, how to play piano but, it develops interest of Playing it, which is very important. It adds motivating factor in playing. No wonder 10 year old kids and Mom’s too started taking keen interest in playing Piano. Probably this is the reason why I have started playing more and practicing more and posting more videos.

Stop procrastinating and follow your dream for the best online piano course ever click here to download


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Day 6 of Home piano lessons : Playing ‘Light of the Seven of Game of Thrones’

Light of the Seven Piano Cover  – Game of Thrones,  this I attempted 6 days after my beginners piano lessons. Never imagined Playing Piano could be so easy. Just listen-up.


Instructions on how to play piano are so simple and easy to understand it doesn’t comes as surprise that their presence is since the year 2006.

I would highly recommend this program to the people searching how to play piano. They cover all kinds of music like pop,blues, jazz, ballads, improvisation, classical.

I can also read music notes / sheet using my Phone and Computer as it is compatible with every device.

I started playing Piano so fast because of some awesome tricks and tips indeed helped me to start quickly.

Being an engineer myself I hardly had enough time for taking  private piano lessons, so investing $1 for an in home piano lessons is worth while, especially with 60 days money back guarantee they offer.

Get Piano lessons in comforts of your home. Save time, money and useless efforts

They give you easy to understand All-in-one package with e-books, Videos and audios. Don’t be skeptic, its my personal experience that it works, just try it and get started immediately with instant downloads & embedded videos.

Its not just me who is shouting about this incredible Piano course. there are so many testimonials (click here) by pros & rookies.


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First Song on Piano of my Favorite, Elvis. God! I cant stop smiling.

Can’t help Falling in Love with you ……!! I just can’t believe I can play my favorite song on Piano. I am so happy today that one of my dream came true,  being a die heart Elvis fan myself I always wanted to play this song. This is possible only because of an in home piano lessons which I joined a few days back. I am so glad that I found this piano classes near me. I am feeling like a rock star performer in my own eyes.

Now I am all set to flaunt my piano skills in parties & gathering. I am so happy that this was made possible in just 14 odd days, by this online piano lessons. Not that perfect though but enough to delight myself.

Earlier I was a bit skeptical about its effectiveness, I was looking out for piano teacher near me. But they have this money back guarantee which made me at ease.

Its amazing to see, how few videos and really efficient training material can overcome the need of have a personal piano teacher or instructor.

That’s not yet over, I am super excited to play more songs like these, probably may try a different genre. But the fact that I can play my favorite song on Piano gave me confidence.

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